Articles - 2019 - Math - 9.19 PD

Debra Adams, an accomplished math teacher and iXL guru, presents ways to incorporate iXL into secondary math classrooms across the district. Debra has taught at Laurel Hill School for 23 years and incorporates iXL in her Algebra classes on a weekly basis. She is a featured speaker in Okaloosa County's groundbreaking Professional Development Your Way concept. The Professional Development Your Way initiative offers differentiated professional development sessions to secondary math teachers based on their needs.

Articles - 2019 - Pryor - Construction Program

The Okaloosa County School District wishes to thank Larry Kline and Janson Thomas for the very generous support of the new Construction Program at W.C. Pryor Middle School. The contribution of over $4,500 in tools and equipment from the Fort Walton Beach Lowe’s and the personal contribution of $10,000 by Kline will be a catalyst in building the pipeline of skilled and talented workers that the construction industry needs so desperately.