Math Textbook Publishers' Meet and Greet

A Publishers’ Meet and Greet will be held on February 13, 2019, in the Niceville Curriculum Complex Training Room during the hours of 3:00-6:00. All teachers, parents, and community are welcome! You will have the opportunity to meet the publisher representatives of materials being considered for adoption in the courses listed below, learn about the programs first hand, and ask questions.

Articles - 2019 - Adult Volunteer - Meghan Hansen

Meghan Hansen, Antioch Elementary School has been named the District’s Adult Volunteer of the Year. Antioch Elementary School is fortunate to have Meghan Hansen as an outstanding volunteer.  Entering her sixth year as a volunteer, she averages 12+ volunteer hours per week and has logged over 650 hours on campus during the last year and a half. The documented hours do not come close to the actual investment of time and love that she pours into Antioch’s students.  

Articles - 2019 - Senior Volunteer - Tania Owens

Tania Owens, Wright Elementary School, has been named the District's Senior Volunteer of the Year. Owens’ passion is helping children learn and teachers teach. Her goal in volunteering at Wright Elementary School is to break down emotional barriers for children so they can focus on instruction and to alleviate tedious tasks from teachers so they can focus on teaching.