Articles - 2019 - HS - Childhood Cancer

Katie Mitchell is a third-grade student at Antioch Elementary School. In 2013, before she turned 3 years old, Katie was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Katie began two and a half years of treatments, enduring oral and IV chemotherapy and steroids, two surgeries, dozens of procedures where she received chemotherapy injected into her spine, blood and platelet transfusions, 2 PICU admissions, and months and months of hospital stays. Through her toughness and the support of family and friends, Katie is in remission and has won her fight!

Articles - 2019 - Math - 9.19 PD

Debra Adams, an accomplished math teacher and iXL guru, presents ways to incorporate iXL into secondary math classrooms across the district. Debra has taught at Laurel Hill School for 23 years and incorporates iXL in her Algebra classes on a weekly basis. She is a featured speaker in Okaloosa County's groundbreaking Professional Development Your Way concept. The Professional Development Your Way initiative offers differentiated professional development sessions to secondary math teachers based on their needs.