Articles - 2019 - Stop the Bleed

Mitch Mongell, CEO of Fort Walton Beach Medical Center, and Dave Whalen, CEO of Twin Cities Hospital, were recognized at the August 12, 2019, School Board meeting for their generous donation of six ‘Stop the Bleed’ kits in support of student safety.  The kits will be distributed to all Okaloosa County High Schools.

“This is something we hope we never have to utilize,” said Superintendent Marcus Chambers.  "The partnership with these two hospitals is a testament to how much they care about our students and how much they care about Okaloosa County.”

Articles - 2019 - Sharon Dooley

Sharon Dooley,  Northwest Florida Daily News Education Columnist, was recognized at the August 12, 2019,  School Board meeting for her outstanding support of Okaloosa County Schools through the Northwest Florida Daily News School Scoops column.

“If you've ever had a child that's been in School Scoops, as a parent you've been extremely proud,”  said Superintendent Marcus Chambers.  “As a school,  when you have Mrs. Dooley writing about your students or programs that are going on at your school,  you're extremely proud.”