Discipline and School Safety

The Department of Discipline and School Safety oversees the implementation of policies and procedures related to Florida Statutes and School Board policies in the areas of school safety, student discipline, student conduct, alternative education, crisis management, and DJJ transitions.

Our most valuable and precious asset is our children.  Collectively, it is the Okaloosa County School District’s responsibility to do everything possible not only to educate and prepare students for the future, but to protect and provide them with the safest learning environment possible.  Our school district takes safety seriously. 

Okaloosa County schools not only have plans for conducting lockdowns, fire and severe weather drills, they also have written plans for facing a number of other crisis situations as well.  These plans are regularly reviewed each year and all employees are trained or retrained annually.  A variety of these drills are conducted at intervals during the school year so that both employees and students have experience with responding to a crisis situation on their campus.  Each school’s drills are tailored to meet the unique circumstances of that school.  Some of the factors that cause differences are the physical design of the school plant, the student population, and the age of the students at the school.

District staff is in the process of evaluating each school facility site to ascertain their safety and security status.  District staff is in the process of finalizing this evaluation and is developing standards for each site in an effort to improve the security of facilities district-wide.  This information will be sent to the School Board for their review and approval as we continue to make our school facilities as safe as possible.

The Okaloosa County School District has not been exempt from experiencing tragedies over the years.  However, because of excellent planning, preparation, and practice, we have always been able to successfully face each situation.  Our school system has been one of the safest in the country for many years.  Our commitment to you, our students and employees, is to maintain this tradition of safety by continuing to plan, prepare, and practice responding to crisis situations. 

Question and Concerns can be directed to:

Andy Johnson
Specialist, Safe Schools, Athletics & Health
Carver Hill Administrative Complex
Email: Andy.Johnson@okaloosaschools.com

Picture of Brian HumphreyBrian Humphrey
Athletics & DJJ Transition  
Carver-Hill Administrative Complex
850-689-7110   (FAX) 850-689-7120
Email: HumphreyBr@okaloosaschools.com
Cherrie Manchester
Carver Hill Administrative Complex
850-689-7198 (FAX) 850-689-7120