Plew Second Graders Celebrate Engineering STEM Project Completion

Plew Second Graders Celebrate Engineering STEM Project Completion

Denise Richardson’s second-grade students at Plew Elementary School recently celebrated the completion of their classroom Engineering STEM Projects. Working in teams of two, the students were tasked with building bridges and robots.

The students used K’nex Education’s Bridges – Introduction to Structures to construct bridges from gumdrops and toothpicks to learn which geometric shape was the best for a bridge. Students also learned the math and science behind bridge building; the different types of bridges (arch, suspension, and beam); and about forces, tension, compression, symmetry, equilateral triangles. The students had to do research to obtain the necessary information about the particular bridge they built.

Using LEGO Education Kits to build movable robots, each student was given a kit and told their robot had to move and make a sound. The students learned about the basics of programming or building code, a program string, the building blocks to their program, debugging. Some robots had sensors while others had a smart hub to activate their robot. After completing the building and coding of the LEGO bricks, the students use iPads provided by a grant from the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), videotaped their presentation.

“The LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 curriculum pack is built on Next Generation Science Standards and delivers key math & science content to 2nd graders,” explained Richardson. “The LEGO WeDo Lego 2.0 bricks help students develop and strengthen their math and science skills. There are many mathematical standards can be addressed while using the LEGO WeDo Lego 2.0 bricks. Students use mathematical concepts such as geometry, addition, subtraction, and basic coding concepts. Students also use motors, sensors, and pulleys to build movable LEGO bricks. Students engage with these hands-on-activities, which helped them to better understand the role of an engineer. The accompanying desktop and tablet supported software provides an easy-to-use programming environment.”

The students presented their finished bridges and robots to school administration, parents/community members, and other students in grades kindergarten through third grade at Plew Elementary.

To see a complete photo gallery of this event, please visit the OCSD Facebook Page.