Destin Elementary Students Create Mandala

As part of Destin Elementary School’s professional development week called SPLASH, students had the opportunity to create a school mandala.  Each student placed a cup of colored sand into the mandala.

“In my class what they have come in and done is they have created a little clay mandala of their own,” said Tamela Cusamano, Destin Elementary School’s Art teacher. “I have told them the meaning of mandala is circle in sand script. We have watched a three minute time-lapsed video of Tibetan monks creating a mandala and I have given them the history that it is the same thing like a dream-catcher. A dream-catcher filters the bad and only lets the good through. It is the same idea of spreading peace. A mandala is a tool to help you remember to focus on those good thoughts. That is what the monks use them for in their practice.”    

Cusamano, Destin Elementary School’s Teacher of the Year, designed the school’s mandala.

“The dolphin stands for duality, tranquility and graciousness so our Destin Elementary mandala as a group represents the dolphin, the sun, the wind, the earth, and the ocean,” said Cusamano.

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