Pryor Pirate Krewe Attends Fall Leadership Retreat

The Pryor Middle School’s Pirate Krewe recently traveled to Milton, Florida, for their Fall Leadership Retreat. The retreat featured a campout on Friday night complete with team games and a campfire with smores and scary stories.

Saturday the eighth grade leadership students completed the low and high ropes challenges. These activities promote teamwork, communication, strategy and build team performance.

The low challenge course is used to provide groups with a uniquely different series of mental and physical activities that will challenge individuals and groups. No matter what the team’s goals, they will get to know each other better, and learn to perform together more effectively. 

The high ropes course is used designed to enhance self-worth and self-esteem. These ropes course elements are a significant "self-challenge." High ropes course challenges are also a good way to explore and perfect "team support.” As one participant climbs, teammates are in charge of safety and emotional motivation. A typical high ropes course element sees participants harnessing up and climbing 25-70 feet off the ground, where they may traverse across cables and logs, or swing and zip through the air.

“The Krewe was divided into three groups,” said Tami Ellis, one of the Pryor Pirate Krewe sponsors. “I could see the ‘brain heat’ rising in the woods as each group tried to complete their challenge. Students would try something – and if it did not’t work – they would brainstorm another direction. The students were encouraging and took ideas that did not’t work as one new thing they had learned – not as failures.”

“I feel much closer to team members and even see them more like a family,” said Ruvi Maldonado.

“When you work with others as a team you can accomplish much more than if you were by yourself,” said Alex Loughney.

“Being brave enough to climb the ‘Leap of Faith’ pole and then jump was a memory I will always have,” said LaBresha Pashall.

“I enjoy this event each year,” said Ellis. “The students are wonderful and they learn so much about team work and how an effective leader has to listen and think big.”

Pryor’s Pirate Krewe is sponsored by Ellis, John Keck, and Chelsea Farland.

Pictured above: Sklyar Dennis overcomes her fear of heights.

Pirate Krewe around the campfire.

Robert Ashley and Parker Rushing getting ready for high ropes

Reece Pope and Brenden Hatfield climbing Giants Ladder.

Peter Nguyen walks the high wire.