Duscha Ross Named Educational Technology Specialist

The School Board unanimously approved the selection of Duscha Ross, the current recipient of the Okaloosa County Teacher of the Year award, as the Educational Technology Specialist during the October 22 School Board meeting.

Ross received her military commission and Bachelor of Arts from Pennsylvania State University.  She has taught with the Okaloosa County School District since 2002. She began her teaching career at the Department of Juvenile Justice, where she taught Language Arts and Reading from 2002 – 2005. From there she moved to Northwood Elementary and has been in her current position at Mary Esther Elementary School since 2010, where she participated in the iPad pilot. 

“With the increasing need to integrate technology into the classroom for student engagement and understanding, the Educational Technology Specialist is more critical than ever in supporting our teachers,” said Superintendent Dr. Alexis Tibbetts. “Duscha is committed to increasing student achievement and interest through use of all forms of technology.  She is confident in expanding future technology use in classrooms and meeting the digital mandates of the state.  She is committed to helping teachers grow in their technology use and understanding.  Mrs. Ross is ready to demonstrate and replicate her success in classrooms across the district.  She is articulate and her passion for Professional Development will excite teachers to use more technology.  Duscha is a Florida Digital Educator and has participated in the "flipped" classroom model. She is proficient at numerous software programs and computer equipment.” 

“The role of a public education is a promise made to our citizens, and it is integral to the nature of our society,” said Ross, “If we still desire a nation or world where an individual can achieve excellence in their passions, then public education is a mechanism which cannot be removed. Technology is a doorway which allows great access and can be a transformative means by which individuals can access great success.” 

Married to Timothy Ross, they have two daughters, Kiera, 3, and Devony, 5, who currently attends Kindergarten at Mary Esther Elementary.  She enjoys reading, gardening, and spending time with her family, and teaches Children's Liturgy at St. Peter's Catholic Church in Mary Esther.