Cole Browning Serves as Principal for the Day at Pryor MS

No school uniforms and no homework! Those were the two policy changes that Cole Browning, a Pryor seventh grader, instituted while serving as Principal for the Day earlier this week at Pryor Middle School.

Browning won the opportunity to be the Principal for the Day during Pryor’s Open House. The school held a raffle and one of Browning’s tickets was pulled as the lucky winner.

Superintendent Dr. Alexis Tibbetts stopped by Pryor at the beginning of the school day to congratulate Browning.   

A confident, young Browning told Tibbetts about the two policy changes he had already instituted.

“There will be no uniforms for the day; students can wear whatever they would like,” said Browning, “and the teachers will not assign homework today.”

“We announced the policy changes over the intercom yesterday and again in the faculty meeting this morning and there was no revolt,” said Jeff Palmer, Pryor’s real Principal.

Browning, Tibbetts, and Palmer then visited a few classrooms.

First stop, homeroom. Browning was welcomed into his homeroom with claps and cheers.

As the trio moved throughout the halls, several different students commented how Browning was “so adorable.”

Dressed in khakis, a blue button down, and a tie, he was truly Palmer’s twin for the day.

“Cole Browning was a perfect selection for this position,” said Palmer. “He is taking is this very seriously and doing a great job.”