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Supplemental Supports


Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone enables students with limited or no exposure to a language to develop everyday conversational skills; it is a self-paced program that focuses on fundamental language.

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Imagine Learning

Imagine Learning is an individualized evidence-based software program that teaches academic language and literacy.


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Other supplemental supports include word-to-word dictionaries, bilingual books, primary phonics, Logic of English, Oxford Picture Dictionary for Content areas, and iPads.

Student Resources

  • ABCYA - Free educational computer games for elementary students 
  • Children's Library - Children’s literature that covers content on diverse cultures and is free of charge
  • Classics For Kids - Introduces classical music to children


  • Moshi Monsters - Provides free competitive Math and English games. 


  • BBC Learn English - Provides news in selected language to practice grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation
  • Coursera - An educational company that partners with universities and organizations to offer free online courses.
  • Duolingo - A free language learning program. 
  • FAFSA - Application for Federal Student Aid to help pay for a post-secondary education. 
  • Khan Academy - Free tutorials in math, science, economics, and humanities.