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College Level Courses

Juniors, seniors and, in some cases, sophomores can receive community college credit for certain courses taught either on the high school campus or at Northwest Florida State College (NWFSC). Community college dual enrollment credits are accepted at Florida public universities but may or may not be transferable to private schools or public universities outside of Florida.

These courses require that you pass the NWFSC entrance exam.

Identification of students who are eligible to participate in the college-level courses will be made at each enrollment period according to the following criteria:

(i) Juniors and seniors are eligible to participate in college-level courses during school hours, after school hours, and during the summer term.

(ii) Tenth grade students are eligible to participate in college-level courses after school hours or during the summer term.

(iii) Beginning with registration for Summer 2014 term, students shall have a cumulative, unweighted grade point average (UGPA) of 3.0 or above on all high school course work.

(iv) Student must pass the appropriate sub-test of a State Board approved college placement test, if enrolling in a college English, math, reading or humanities course, or any courses which require English, math, or reading prerequisites. Students may use Accuplacer, available at each high school site, as a mechanism to earn a passing score on a State Board approved college placement test.

(Dual enrollment options are addressed in the Inter-Institutional Articulation/Dual Enrollment Agreement. F.S.1007.271(6)(2))

Read the articulation agreement below and consult your guidance counselor for more information.