Washington Post Ranks NHS in Top 300 Schools in the Nation

Jay Mathews, author, education columnist and blogger with the Washington Post, has ranked Niceville High School #280 out of the Top 300 schools across the United States.  Mathews created the annual Challenge Index rankings of high schools which were released on April 30. 

The Washington Post Challenge Index score is the number of college-level tests given at a school in 2019 divided by the number of graduates that year. Niceville High School is the only school in the district to reach the top 300 schools (top 2 percent) out of America’s 22,000 high schools.

Here is the link to the entire list of the 2020 Top 300 Schools Index:  https://jaymathewschallengeindex.com/.

Niceville High School has no special enrollment policies and does not screen students for admission.  For more information about our programs, visit www.nicevillehighschool.org.