AP and AICE Transcript Requests

How to send Official AP and AICE Transcripts to Your College

Cambridge AICE

Students should wait until they have decided exactly which college they will be attending before sending the AICE transcript.

Complete the Results Transcript Application Form. It can also be found under the Academics tab or from a teacher.

Students will need their CANDIDATE NUMBER and Niceville High School’s Centre number which is US185.

  • Complete the Results Transcript Application Form (Follow the directions provided on the form)
  • Take a picture of the student's ID/driver’s license
  • Email the form AND ID photo to the email address provided on the form
  • Students will receive an automatic email confirmation

Students should send the form in April of their senior year, provided they know which college they will be attending.  Otherwise, send it as soon as they decide.

Over 500 universities in the USA recognize Cambridge International AS and A Levels, including all Ivy League universities.

College Board AP

As a senior, when students preregister for AP exams, they should designate a college where they would like their AP scores sent. It’s free at this point, and will include all previous AP scores.


At other times, students must log into their College Board account and have the scores sent from there. Follow all online directions. It will cost $15.

Students who do not have a College Board account, will need to create one.  Google “college board account sign in” or visit https://apscore.collegeboard.org/scores.

You should send it in April of your senior year, provided you know which college you will be attending.  Otherwise, send it as soon as you decide.