1.    Schedule Conflicts

Students should be able to participate in a variety of school-sponsored activities:  musical, scholastic, athletic, etc.  Being aware that conflicts will occur in the scheduling of practices, games, rehearsals, matches, and performances, the following guidelines will be used:

a.    Conflicts will be avoided as much as possible, but they do happen!  Take a moment and put all activities in your planner and let coaches and directors know in advance – we are much more helpful when we are aware. 

b.    A performance or game will take precedence over a practice or rehearsal with no penalty or punishment involved in the missed practice or rehearsal.

c.    If a performance and a game occur at the same time, the student will be given the opportunity to choose the activity in which he/she shall participate and thereafter suffer no penalties for having made that choice.  The student will make the director aware of his/her choice at least 2 weeks prior to the event.  Sometimes a 50-50 split can be arranged if we have enough notice. The Chorus Calendar is located in this handbook.

d.    Pryor Middle School activities will take precedence over non-school related activities. 


2.    Grading

Tests (written or oral) 70%

Participation, skills, class work/ homework 30%


Grades will be based on knowledge of concepts, demonstration of skills and appropriate participation in chorus activities (during school time and outside of school time). 


You will receive a weekly grade based heavily on participation in class, effort demonstrating skills in class, attitude displayed in class, and behavior in class. 

Time will be given in class to do class work.  Please use this time wisely.  Unfinished class work becomes homework for that day.


                             In order to fully participate each day you…

Need a positive attitude

Must show a willingness to work (sing, not talk)

Have your pencil, music, and folder

Complete assignments on time

Be courteous, cooperative, & committed to the group


                             Correct singing posture – standing and sitting

                             Good breath support and breathing technique

                             Free, open, and natural tone quality/vocal sound

                             Intonation and pitch accuracy

                             Good diction – clarity of consonants and purity of vowels

                             Phrasing of musical line

                             Vocal and facial expression

                             Stage presence

                             Rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic sight-reading

                             Memorization of vocal part(s)


Class work/homework:

                             The class work/homework will give you a chance to practice what we’ve been learning in class/using in our music.


     There will be tests throughout the year on the various music concepts we’re working on in class. 

·         Performances will count for two test scores. You will be graded on you implementing the skills learned in class, attitude and stage presence.

     Because this is a performance-based class, we will have after-school/evening rehearsals and performances.  Every effort will be made to keep rehearsals during the school day or immediately following the school day.  Proper participation, attitude, and behavior are expected for both types of events.

All students are required to attend all rehearsals and all performances.  Grades are earned for both rehearsals and performances.

An unexcused absence from a rehearsal will result in a zero for that rehearsal.

An unexcused absence from a performance will result in two zeroes for that performance.  


Excused absences are:

Personal illness

Death of an immediate family member

Prior permission from the director


Unexcused absences include, but are not limited to:


Didn’t arrange for transportation


Fell asleep


In order for Ms. Brown to consider excusing an absence it must be explained.  The student should return to school with a note of explanation from the parent (written by the parent, signed by the parent, and a phone number listed).  If a note is not received within 3 days of the absence, it is considered unexcused.


3.    Uniforms

A uniform is required and will be worn at each performance.  Having the correct uniform will be part of the grade for performances.  See uniform page for more details.


Uniforms are the financial responsibility of each individual choral student and are not paid for by the school.  No student will be kept out of the choral program because they don’t have a uniform.  Please notify the director as soon as possible if there is a financial difficulty obtaining the uniform so that every effort may be made to assist the student.  The week of a performance is not enough notice for the director to assist the student as it can take 4-6 weeks for uniforms to arrive after they are ordered. 

·         Please let Ms. Brown know if you have a uniform already.


4.  Festivals/Trips

The Chorus will enter the Florida Vocal Association District I Music Performance Assessments.  All chorus members will attend the District Choral MPA in March and will perform in a large group that will be evaluated by three concert judges and one sight-reading judge. 

Participation in Solo/Ensemble MPA in November for evaluation by a judge will be on a voluntary basis with the understanding that once committed, the member is responsible for learning the music, attending rehearsals, paying their fees on time, and paying their accompanist regardless of whether or not they actually perform the day of the festival.   

Money paid for festival/trip fees is non-refundable. 

Each singer is required to maintain a 2.0 minimum GPA to participate in these activities and must have a clean discipline record for the current school year. 


6.  Academic Eligibility

         There is no minimum grade point average required to participate in any chorus class or to perform in local concerts and performances.  Currently, there are guidelines in place requiring the student to have a 2.0 grade point average from the previous 9-week grading period and not be failing more than one class to be eligible to participate in any competitions and festivals including Solo/Ensemble and District MPA.  Students who are ineligible to participate at these MPA events because of their grade point average will be exempt.  Their grade in chorus will not be lowered because of non-participation.  These students might be ineligible for the End of the Year Reward. 


7.  Fundraising

Our program relies on fundraising and donations to buy music, pay festival fees, pay for transportation, pay accompanists, etc.  While participation in fundraising activities is optional and not mandatory, it is necessary for our program.  If a student willingly participates in a fundraiser, he/she is responsible for payment in full of the merchandise or for returning unsold merchandise.  Failure to do so may result in expulsion from chorus or chorus activities. 

Examples of fundraisers:  magazine sales, cookie dough sales, bagging groceries, car washes, etc. 

·         Ideas are welcomed.


8.  Classroom Rules

Make choices that help you and others learn

Use music and materials with care

Speak, sing, and play only when asked

Immediately follow instructions

Consider others and be kind

9. Expectations

a.  Be here on time

b.  Participate appropriately

c.  Follow directions the first time they are given

d.  Exercise self-control at all times

e.  No food or gum (candy given as a reward will not keep you from singing or it will be thrown away) - you can’t sing with it in your mouth – bottled water only!

f.   Be courteous and respectful of other people (teachers, students, visitors, etc.)

 and their belongings

g.  Always display an attitude of cooperation and a desire to do your individual

 best while working within the group

h.  When we are out as a group, remember that you represent Pryor!


10. Classroom Management Plan

          The Classroom Management Plan listed in the current school handbook will be followed.  Zero tolerance infractions will be referred to the office immediately. 


11.  Chaperone Information

          We will need parent volunteers and chaperones for a variety of events.  Anyone wishing to volunteer (chaperone an event, help with a fundraiser, help in the classroom, etc.) with us will need to fill out a Volunteer Affidavit in the front office.  Volunteer Affidavits are only valid for one school year.  Volunteer Spot will be used to book volunteers and chaperones. 


12.  Contact Information

      You may contact Ms. Brown

·         via email

·         Sign up with Remind Text the number 81010

In the message send - @meigsch

-All County - @meigscou

-All State - @meigsal

-General chorus - @meigsch

·         Join our Facebook Page- Meigs MS Chorus






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