The T.A.G. (Talented Academically and Gifted) program is available to students who have met district criteria to be classified as Gifted.  Also, at the end of each year, a determination of “available seats” in the TAG program is made for each grade level. FSA scores for students not enrolled in the TAG program are rank ordered (sum of math scale score and reading scale score). Students are offered a “seat” in the TAG program based upon the rank ordering. Generally, available seats are filled first with students earning a 5 in math and a 5 in reading. Then seats are filled with students earning a 5 and a 4. Finally, students earning a 4 and a 4 may be considered, but only if available seats remain.  If seats become available during the year, the same methodology is used to place students into the TAG program. 

This program provides gifted/talented instruction in language arts/reading, mathematics, science and social studies in all three grade levels as well as in some high school credit elective courses.  The teachers work closely together to provide interdisciplinary opportunities and challenges to the students.  Adjunct community instructors often assist with instruction during certain units.

Additional components of the TAG program include community service and capstone project components as well as grade level standards-based field experiences.

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