Lewis School...


Who are we?
Lewis School came about when Addie R. Lewis Middle School and Valparaiso Elementary School merged in the 2010- 2011 school year. Here at Lewis School the administration and our highly trained staff work to achieve excellence in our students' academics. We currently teach students ranging from kindergarten to eighth grade.


Fast Facts
Built in 1971
Mascot is the Falcon
18 Sports Teams
A+ rated by Department of Education
School hours are 7:30 A.M.- 2:05 P.M.


Who is Addie R. Lewis?
Addie R. Lewis was born at the turn of the century in Rutledge Alabama. While on vacation in 1924, Addie Rushton met a general store owner named Vernon Lewis, with whom she fell in love. Later that year she moved to Valparaiso and married Vernon. Ms. Lewis settled in and had a son named Allen during 1943. After Mr. Lewis' death in 1946, Addie R. Lewis raised her son by herself. Ms. Lewis had many achievements in her life. About 1931 Ms. Lewis began teaching in Okaloosa County. Twenty years later she became a principal for Niceville School grades one through twelve. In 1968 Mrs. Lewis became the first woman who attained a senior management position as Assistant Superintendent for Instruction in Okaloosa County. About 1931 Ms. Lewis also helped introduce Guidance Programs as well as foreign languages in our school system. In 1971 Addie R. Lewis Middle School was born. Ms. Addie Lewis died in 2001 at the age of 100.




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1st period 7:30-8:25
2nd period 8:30-9:20
3rd period 9:25-10:15
Homeroom 10:20-10:45
4th period 11:20-12:10
5th period 12:15-1:05
6th period 1:10-2:05

                    ~LUNCH SCHEDULE~

1st LUNCH K-1 10:00-10:30
2nd LUNCH 6, 7, 8 10:45-11:15
3rd LUNCH 2,3,4 11:20-11:50
4th LUNCH 5 11:50-12:20