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Front Office 

Mike Fantaski  Principal  fantaskim@okaloosaschools.com


Jason Driver  Assistant Principal   driverj@okaloosaschools.com 


Krista Schmidt  Administrative Secretary krista.schmidt@okaloosaschools.com


Maria Temple Attendance Secretary templem@okaloosaschools.com


Sheila Floyd Bookkeeper floyds@okaloosaschools.com


Jennifer Guyton  Guidance Secretary   Jennifer.Guyton@okaloosaschools.com


Jermaine Scott, Deputy SRO 


Shannon Colquitt Guidance  Shannon.Colquitt@okaloosaschools.com


Faculty are listed in alphabetical order.


Ann Abell 3-5 EBD Ann.Abell@okaloosaschools.com


Betty Beard Middle School ELA   Betty.Beard@okaloosaschools.com


Liz Berry Middle School P.E. Elizabeth.Berry@okaloosaschools.com


Jordan Berry Middle School Social Studies Jordan.Berry@okaloosaschools.com


Tom Burke Elementary P.E.  burket@okaloosaschools.com


Sherry Cadena Staffing Specialist CadenaS@.okaloosaschools.com


Mary Carnahan   Title I carnahanm@okaloosaschools.com  picture of computer



Bethany Cookman Media, Credit Recovery, Flyte Time  cookmanb@okaloosaschools.com


Bethany Culps K-2, CBS Bethany.Culps@okaloosaschools.com


Claire Davis 4th grade claire.davis@okaloosaschools.com  computer


Lori DeFranza   EH defranzal@okaloosaschools.com


Lynn Deyerle 2nd grade  deyerlel@okaloosaschools.com

Jane Gamble Middle School Social Studies  gamblej@okaloosaschools.com   picture of computer


Lori Hagle  Vision haglel@okaloosaschools.com


Susan Hart 2nd grade  hartsu@okaloosaschools.com

Suzanne Hartzog Music Lily.Hartzog@okaloosaschools.com  picture of computer


Jamie Howell VE K-1  howellj@okaloosaschools.com


Cindy Jannazo Middle School Science jannazoc@okaloosaschools.com


Rachel Kerrigan Middle School ELA   kerriganr@okaloosaschools.com


Amy Koch  Kindergarten  kocha@okaloosaschools.com


Jacob Lilburn Civics  Jacob.Lilburn@okaloosaschools.com


Lindsey Lynch 1st grade Lindsey.Lynch@okaloosaschools.com


David Magnotti Middle School Math  magnottid@okaloosaschools.com


Julie Magnotti  Kindergarten  magnottij@okaloosaschools.com  

John Martin Information Technology  martinj1@okaloosaschools.com  picture of computer

Suzette Martin Title I  martins2@okaloosaschools.com picture of computer


Linda McArdle 3rd grade  mcardlel@okaloosaschools.com


Jennifer McCormick 5th grade Jennifer.McCormick@okaloosaschools.com


Virginia McCullar 2nd grade Virginia.Mccullar@okaloosaschools.com


Teresa Miller 3rd grade  MillerT3@okaloosaschools.com India.Monjure@okaloosaschools.com


India Monjure  CBS K-5  India.Monjure@okaloosaschools.com


Sharleen Nunez Middle School Science Sharleen.Nunez@okaloosaschools.com

Sheryl Pickett 1st grade Sheryl.Pickett@okaloosaschools.com picture of computer


Carrie Pike 5th grade  pikec@okaloosaschools.com


Eva Ratley 5th grade ratleye@okaloosaschools.com


Sarah Risley  Behavior Specialist Sarah.Risley@okaloosaschools.com


Abbey Santiago  EBD 6-8  Abbey.Santiago@okaloosaschools.com


Katie Soehngen Hearing Impaired  soehngenk@okaloosaschools.com


Doug Sommer  Middle School Science   Kevin.Sommer@okaloosaschools.com


Lindsey Stephens SLP stephensl@okaloosaschools.com


Alison Sutsko SLD K-5  sutskoa@okaloosaschools.com


Tamara Thorne K-2, EBD Tamara.Thorne@okaloosaschools.com


Lisa Vaughan  3rd  grade  http://Lisa.Vaughan@okaloosaschools.com


Morgan Walker  CBS 6-8 Morgan.Walker@okaloosaschools.com


Yvonne Walker 5th grade  Yvonne.Walker@okaloosaschools.com


Jason Wheelwright Middle School Math  wheelwrightj@okaloosaschools.com


Sandra  Willingham     VE 2-5    willinghams@okaloosaschools.com


Michael Wilson Band Michael.Wilson@okaloosaschools.com  


Kelly Yates Middle School Math Kelly.Yates@okaloosaschools.compicture of computer    




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                      ~BELL SCHEDULE~

Flyte Time/Homeroom 7:30-8:00
1st period 8:05-8:55
2nd period 9:00-9:50
3rd period 9:55-10:45
4th period 11:20-12:10
5th period 12:15-1:05
6th period 1:10-2:05

                    ~LUNCH SCHEDULE~

1st LUNCH K, 1, 2 10:10-10:40
2nd LUNCH 6, 7, 8 10:45-11:15
3rd LUNCH 3, 4 11:20-11:50
4th LUNCH 5 11:50-12:20