T he Falcon Motion

Lewis Dance Team  

Coach Krista Miles 



Anthony Schwartz
Student Team Manager: Emma EvansSponsor: Mrs. KerriganChoreographer: Jill Kerschitz
Team Mom: Amy Nava 8th graders:Rihanna Hamilton (STEM)Sarah JacksonBritney Nava7th graders:BritainChristian SchwartzAlecea Wells6th graders:Caleigh CumbieLily HonsingerRiley LockeZ'Miya Thompson5th graders:Kendall GianaAnthony SchwartzStudent Team Manager: Emma EvansSponsor: Mrs. KerriganChoreographer: Jill KerschitzTeam M Any student interested in joining the Lewis Dance Crew must meet the following requirements:
  • Current physical
  • A copy of their report card with no failing grades for the last nine weeks.

  • 4 teacher evaluation forms
  • No out of school suspensions for the school year
  • $20 registration fee
  • Must attend every practice- this is mandatory.
  • We will perform at all home football and basketball games and pep rallies.
  • Great attitude!  


         ~QUICK LINKS~









1st period 7:30-8:25
2nd period 8:30-9:20
3rd period 9:25-10:15
Homeroom 10:20-10:45
4th period 11:20-12:10
5th period 12:15-1:05
6th period 1:10-2:05

                    ~LUNCH SCHEDULE~

1st LUNCH K-1 10:00-10:30
2nd LUNCH 6, 7, 8 10:45-11:15
3rd LUNCH 2,3,4 11:20-11:50
4th LUNCH 5 11:50-12:20