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                          Laurel Hill School "Mission"
    The mission of Laurel Hill School is to empower each student
    with the knowledge, confidence and opportunities necessary
    to meet the challenges of elementary, middle, high school
    and beyond.





                          Laurel Hill School "Beliefs"

   ♦ Teachers, administrators, parents and community members
        cooperatively participate in promoting the school's mission.
   ♦ All students can learn and are capable of personal
    ♦ Students are actively involved in all aspects of learning
        including knowledge of skills, problem solving and
      producing quality work.
    ♦ Positive relationships and mutual respect between students
      and staff enhance student's esteem.
    ♦ Each student is a valued individual with unique physical,
      social, emotional and intellectual needs.
    ♦ Instructors incorporate a variety of teaching strategies to meet
      different learning styles.
    ♦ The school provides a safe and positive learning environment.
    ♦ Special services and resources are provided for students.


Okaloosa County School District--- Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Code of Conduct --Elementary

Code of Conduct --Secondary 

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