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Student Council would like to welcome its new fourth grade members. These students were elected by their peers and they will serve a two year term. These students exhibit the expectations of all of Kenwood: “be responsible, be respectful, be safe.” Congratulations!

Returning fifth graders: Adyssn Maguhn, Kira Cruz Richardson, Jada Walker, Cooper Devore, Isabelle Powell, Zach Lehmen, Victoria Wheat, Jenna Orlando, Marlee Downey, Blake Peters, Kayla Delisser, Tamya Bledsoe, and Sadi Harrison

Fourth graders: Porter Harden, Bristel Montgomery, Rayleigh Schieber, Skyler Murdoch, Taylor Wells, Dante Whidbee, Amanda Pikul, Elizabeth Robinson, Andrew Rynearson, Ava Madden, Lilly Neese, Jocelyn Quinn, and Clara White.

Our first Kenwood skating party will be on Thursday, October 18th from 4:30 to 6:30 at the FWB Skating Center. It is open to all Kenwood students and their friends!

Our school store will open on Wednesday, October 10th. We have all kinds of cool school supplies, and we'll be open every Wednesday and Friday at 8:15 am.

Our community fundraiser for this year is Children in Crisis.  We will be hosting a penny war between grade levels from November 13th through 15th. The grade level that collects the most change will receive an ice cream party!

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