The Exceeding Expectations (E2) Project is sponsored by the East Coast Technical Assistance Center (ECTAC).  Using a database of all schools in the State, ECTAC data analysts identify Title I schools that are exceeding expectations by showing significant progress in improving student achievement. Schools with 50% to 100% of students who qualify for free or reduced lunch are first selected using criteria based on School Grade data obtained from the FDOE database1.

These schools are then visited by a team of ECTAC members for interviews and classroom observations. After careful  review of a combination of criteria consisting of FCAT and Florida State Assessment scores and  observations and interviews that occurred during our site visits, schools are identified as either a Finalist, or Award School.

Out of the roughly 3000 Title I schools in Florida, only 29, including Kenwood Elementary School, were nominated based on student growth above the norm from last year.

“We had a visit from the team recently,” said Principal Joan Pickard.  “They interviewed our teachers, support staff, students, parents, Assistant Principal, and myself, as well as visited a variety of classrooms. They then deliberated, reviewed the information they collected, and informed us we had won! Not all 29 schools automatically win, so it is a big honor.”

Visit the ECTAC website for more information about the Exceeding Expectations (E2) Project.


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