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2021-2022 Initial Registration Portal
for Kindergarten and New Student

Parents are encouraged to use the Online Registration Portal to begin the enrollment process for the 2021-2022 school year. This portal is for parents seeking to register their Kindergarten student for the first time in Okaloosa County. It can also be used to begin the registration process for any student who is new to Okaloosa County schools. Some of the information required to register a student is sensitive and will not be collected online in this format. Parents who use this portal to provide initial information will be contacted by the school with any additional requirements. At the middle and high school level, this includes selecting courses for the upcoming year.

Unlike last March when the COVID-19 pandemic begin, school buildings are open for business this year, and parents may choose to pick up registration packets directly from their school site. (NOTE: The full Kindergarten registration packet will be available at elementary schools no later than March 8.) However, for convenience sake, and for those in the military who may not be in the area yet, Superintendent Marcus Chambers wanted to be sure that this virtual enrollment option remained available. “We have a tremendous opportunity to get back to a sense of normalcy next fall, and we will do everything we can to make it easy for parents of new students to connect to our schools. The vast majority of our students are being taught in our buildings this year, and I look forward to the day when all of our families feel comfortable enough to return.”

Students who are currently in the mySchool Online program do not need to use this portal to enroll with the school district for next year (they are already enrolled) nor are they locked into any one option. Said Superintendent Chambers, “Parents will always have options for the education of their student. School districts across the state do not yet know whether options like mySchool Online will continue to be funded in a way that will allow districts to offer them. If not, we will have other virtual options available that will keep students connected to Okaloosa County.”

Students who currently attend an Okaloosa County school are automatically enrolled for next school year and do not need to register through this portal. For more information, families can call the school at which they are seeking to register. School contact numbers can be found at in the Schools link.