Okaloosa Students and Teachers Recognized for Strong Performance on Statewide Assessments

Today, the Florida Department of Education released assessment results from the spring testing window to great anticipation. A shortened testing window established by the Florida Legislature effectively limited testing to one month at the end of the school year and allowed for more time for teachers and students to engage in the learning process.

Overall, the news for Okaloosa students and their teachers is good. Superintendent Marcus Chambers said, “As distractions hovered over the district during the past year, our students and teachers simply buckled down and did what they do best: they went to work. The results speak for themselves, and I could not be prouder of their accomplishments.”

8th-grade Science, Algebra I and Geometry results highlighted strong performance across the board with Okaloosa students scoring 2nd in the state in each of these critical areas. Chambers was particularly pleased with these results as they underscore the potential of students in the district to be well-positioned for the future. “I know how critical math and science skills are for students pursuing college, careers in high-tech industries, or both. These results indicate that our students are on the right path and are poised to have an advantage over their peers if they keep working.”

6th-grade Math continues to be a soft spot, and the schools are looking to improve in that area relative to the rest of the state. The district ranked 16th out of 67 districts with 61% of students scoring Level 3-5 on the assessment, the lowest ranking of any of the twenty-one assessments.

When considering all assessments, Okaloosa’s composite ranking was 4th in the state.

“Every student in Okaloosa County is important and is entitled to the very best education that we can give them”, stated Chambers. “Our administrators and teachers are already reviewing the data to assist in developing School Performance Plans for the upcoming year to make certain that commitment is honored.”

Assessment results for all districts and schools can be found at www.fldoe.org.