Lowe's of Fort Walton Beach Donates Carpentry Equipment to Pryor Middle School

Lowe's of Fort Walton Beach Donates Carpentry Equipment to Pryor Middle School

Lowe’s of Fort Walton Beach is investing in tomorrow’s workforce. Last Friday, Janson Thomas (Lowe’s manager) and Willie Rozofsky surprised Greg Rynearson, Pryor Middle School's Carpentry Teacher, by delivering carpentry equipment to the new program at Pryor Middle School. Last week, Rynearson met with Larry Kline, a local businessman, and gave him a tour of the new lab. After the tour, Kline shared with Lowe’s the exciting news that Pryor Middle School brought carpentry back to their school. Lowe’s immediately decided to support the program through the generous donation of equipment.

The students were so excited to see all the new equipment being delivered. Jennifer Castro-Morales squealed with excitement when she saw all the tools coming into the classroom. “Wow! This donation means so much to us as students. I took this class because my father is in construction, and I like to help him,” stated Jennifer. She continued by saying, “We now have the same tools he has! I cannot wait to show him what I can build.”

Lowe’s support comes at a time when the skilled trade industry is experiencing a rapidly declining workforce and the need for training the future workforce is critical. The equipment donated will allow students to learn construction standards and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safe work procedures using industry-standard tools.

“I cannot thank Lowe’s enough for this incredible donation,” said Rynearson. “This will enable our students to build full-size projects in a controlled learning environment using the exact tools they would find on any construction project anywhere in the United States. Our partnership with Lowe’s is important in helping address the growing demand for skilled workers across our district and throughout our state. This program provides students with hands-on experience using skills that make a difference in the futures of our students."