Plew ES Robotics Students Hold Capstone Challenge Demonstration

Plew ES Robotics Students Hold Capstone Challenge Demonstration

Plew Elementary School’s robotics program began in 2013 with a generous grant from the Boeing Company. Over the years, the program expanded from just the Lego WeDo robotics to now include programming the more complex EV3 robots with the Lego Mindstorms kits.

Paula Mims’ fifth-grade class began the robotics lessons in October of last year. More than half of the class had no previous robotics training. “My students learned how to use the touch, color, ultrasonic, and gyro sensors, as well as two different sized motors,” stated Mims. “They wrote their own pseudocode to program their EV3 robots.”

Last April, the students began planning, programming, building and testing their space challenge missions. They had to write the code correctly in order to get their robot to complete its mission(s) successfully.

The student’s demonstrated their capabilities at the Capstone Challenge Demonstration for parents at the end of the school year. Special guests that day included Representative Mel Ponder, Florida House of Representative for District 4; Marcus Chambers, Superintendent of Okaloosa County School District; and Tami Ellis, Science Curriculum Specialist, Okaloosa County School District.

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