Picture of Principal, Dr. Anita Choice and program coordinator, Barbara Smith

Wright ES Students Celebrate Black History Month

Wright Elementary School presented a Career Fair, Story time, Black History Program, State Trooper and Sheriff Officer presentation, and a Soul Food Tasting Session in honor of Black History Month Friday, February 10, 2017.  National Board Certified Teacher, Barbara Smith coordinated the Black History Celebration activities working alongside a team of colleagues. 

“Student ambassadors and volunteers were on post in front of the office to welcome and greet volunteers and guests,” said Smith.  “The team assisted volunteers by transitioning their items to a designated location for our Black History Celebration.”

Students were granted various opportunities to gain knowledge about the importance of reading as they engaged in an interactive presentation guided by keynote speaker, Dr. Gregory Seaton.  During the program, several students displayed their talent.  The performances included a ballet and piano performance by students from the NWFL Ballet Academie.  Mike Mitchell, karate master, shared some marshal art techniques. Wright students portrayed Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks and a MLK oratorical contestant delivered his speech.  Prior to the close of the program, Mrs. Wanda Robinson, a former dancer on Soul Train was honored for being inducted into the Smithsonian African American Museum in Washington, DC (December 2016).

Students also participated in a twenty station Career Fair where Career Fair Professionals shared their expertise, educational background, and personal experiences. “The professionals made it possible for students to have an invaluable, meaningful experience that will foment learning and motivate boys and girls to continue in school as well as make strides toward career planning,” said Smith.  “Seeing the students interact and ask varied high order questions was rewarding to me.  Students gained a better understanding and a broader scope of career paths that are available.” 

The students enjoyed learning about the duties and responsibilities of law enforcement officers and were thrilled being in close proximity of the officer’s vehicles.  “They were in awe as they viewed the glaring, flashing lights as they listened to the sound of the siren,” commented Smith.

All Grades Levels toured the Black History Artifact Archive to view numerous historical items.  Several faculty members, volunteers, and paraprofessionals participated in class read-a-louds.  “Students were elated to listen to stories about Influential African Americans,” said Smith. “Students asked many questions and the readers were able to clarify the information.  Many students researched topics and conducted research on topics and individuals presented in the read-a-louds.”  As evidence of learning, students were asked to write a narrative discussing their most memorable experience from the activities they partook on February 10, 2017.  At the end of the day the adults enjoyed a multitude of southern dishes during the annual “Taste of Soul.” 

“We appreciate the hard work of the committee chaired by Barbara Smith, Pre-K D teacher,” said Wright Elementary School Assistant Principal Pamela Tisza.

To see a complete photo gallery of this event, please visit the OCSD Facebook page.