Picture of Wright ES students at Disney

Wright ES Fourth and Fifth Graders Attend Disney YES Program

A total of 36 students, 12 chaperones and 4 teachers from Wright Elementary School participated in a YES trip on May 10, 2017. The trip was coordinated by Gordon Brown and the fourth and fifth grade Math, Health and Science teachers, Debbie Cross, Sean Jamieson, Christi Rice, Angela Willis and CRA Traci Drew.  

The students visited the “Behind the Seeds” tour at The Land exhibit and The World Showcase at EPCOT.  They also explored the different Avenues. Some explored Space, while others explored The Seas, Energy, and Imagination and the Senses.  “All of the students brought back a richer understanding of scientific concepts, i.e. force and motion, natural science, space and the universe, than when they arrived,” said Principal, Dr. Anita Choice.

Students were taken on guided tours in groups of 9-10.  The guides described the inner workings of the science behind the hydroponics and fish farming exploration and research at Disney. They explained how more plants could be grown in smaller areas with increased growth rates because of the increased nutrients and elimination of soil for growth. The students learned that minor support of the roots was all that is necessary for growth and not an immersion in soil.

The following day students participated in the Light and Sound Energy class.  The three hour class delved into how light and sound energy worked and could be manipulated. The tour covered several different Florida Standards in Science, Math, and Language Arts.

The chaperones indicated they enjoyed and supported the educational outcomes from the trip.  “It was a memorable and educational experience for the learning community.  We hope to make this an annual event,” said Choice.