The Tonight Show Comes to Mary Esther Elementary School

Live from Mary Esther Elementary School, Mary Esther, Florida – the Southwest Zone Tonight Show featuring Jimmy Fallon (aka Gary Massey)

Teachers from Mary Esther, Edwins, and Florosa Elementary Schools gathered on Friday, August 8th, for the Southwest Zone Tonight Show featuring Jimmy Fallon.  Special guests included Mary Beth Jackson, Superintendent of Schools; Gary Massey, Mary Esther Principal; Dawn Massey, Florosa Principal; Marline VanDyke, Edwins Principal; friends from the Magic School Bus, Teresa Miller, Mary Esther AP and Kay Green, Florosa AP; musical guest Karen Schmidt, Edwins; and the Industry Band featuring Patricia Anderson, Florosa music teacher, and Calvin Jasper, Mary Esther music teacher.

To start off the show, Jimmy Fallon (aka Gary Massey) invited Superintendent Jackson to the stage.  What she did not know was he had an interactive surprise for her.

“Now I have to ask,” said Massey.  “Are you musically inclined at all?  I wanted to show off some of your skills with the air Clarinet – Would you help out on this?  Ok, I will get it started and then we will pass it around until it ends with your solo performance – Ready, here we go.” 

The air Clarinet was passed around to several people in the audience while the band played.  When the Clarinet got to the Superintendent the band made funny sounds as if she could not play.  The audience laughed along with the Superintendent and Massey. 

“You are a great sport!  Give it up for Ms. Mary Beth Jackson everyone!” said Massey.

After speaking with Marline VanDyke, Edwins Principal, it was time for a game of charades.   

The Crew from the Magic School Bus made a guest appearance and led the audience through an exciting adventure of traveling through a principal’s brain.

The show wrapped up with musical guest Karen Schmidt, Edwins Guidance Counselor, who performed her karaoke version of Come Together.  She had the audience on their feet and fired up about coming together for the new school year.

“Thank you Edwins, Florosa, and Mary Esther Elementary for joining us today!” said Massey.  “On behalf of the other Principals, Guidance Counselors and Music Teachers we hope you had a great time and you have a wonderful school year.  Special thanks to Kelly Carlstrom to help get the set and decorations set up.  Thanks to all that put it on and those that could attend - we had a blast!”

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