Southside Center Students Create Decorations For School Thanksgiving Luncheon

Using very simple/inexpensive forms of materials, the Southside Center students created many unique pinecone and pumpkin turkeys. 

“This project was great for those who needed extra help with dexterity and fine motor skills,” said teacher Lisa Jones. “The class also made hats for the luncheon.  All the pumpkins were donated by one parent the second week of October.”

Each child had a smile on their face when they walked into the cafeteria and met their families.  

“They were so excited to show them the decorations our class had provided for this event,” said Jones. 

A special green gourd was made by the students for the Principal, Debra Haan.  Every student colored feathers to create a plump and perky turkey.

The students also read several books before the holidays: The Plump and Perky Turkey, Thanksgiving Rules, The Littlest Pilgrim, Just so Thankful, Thanksgiving on Plymouth Plantation, and Happy Thanksgiving.