Picture of Shalimar ES 1st Place Artwork

Shalimar ES Wins District’s Bottle Cap Art Competition

Earth Day – Recycle – Repurpose – Revive

Bottle caps, one of the most frequently found forms of trash in the ocean and on beaches, create a special recycling problem.  While most bottle caps are made from recyclable materials, their size makes them difficult to recycle.  

For Earth Day 2017, students were asked to participate in a district-wide Bottle Cap Art Competition.  Students collected a variety of bottle caps in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Then either as a group or individually, the students created their works of art.  The art was judged on craftsmanship, balance and use of space, color use and time and effort that went into the planning and creation of the work.

School Winners

First Place:  Shalimar ES

Picture of Shalimar ES - First Place

Second Place: Riverside ES

Picture of Riverside's artwork

Third Place: Edwins ES

Picture of Edwins ES - 3rd Place

Individual Winners

First Place: Brianna Schuessler – Bluewater ES

Picture of First Place: Brianna Schuessler – Bluewater ES

Second Place: Morgan Cooper – Bluewater ES

Picture of Second Place: Morgan Cooper – Bluewater ESBy collecting and reusing bottle caps to create something beautiful, it will hopefully help keep some plastic out of the landfills and oceans.

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