School District Names Volunteers of the Year

The winners of the 2014 Outstanding School Volunteer Awards are Chase Pridgen, Youth nominated by Destin Middle School; Kimberly Beaulieu, Adult nominated by Liza Jackson Preparatory School; and Lawrence Price, Senior nominated by Antioch Elementary School.

Chase Pridgen, Youth nominated by Destin Middle School

Chase has mentored a student at Destin Middle School for the past two years. 

“He has been instrumental in the positive growth and advancement of one of our students in need of encouragement,” said Principal Charlie Marello.  “Chase is a very busy senior at Fort Walton Beach High School yet, it is important to him to stay on schedule and not disappoint.  Chase has helped with our Book Fair, Marlin Olympics, the tennis team, and volunteers in P.E. classes.”

Once a week, Chase can be found in one of the 5th grade classes tutoring students.  During the summer he is on campus helping with locker clean-out and moving furniture for teachers.

“Chase is a fine, upstanding, young man of character and we are proud to have him represent Destin Middle School,” said Marello.

Kimberly Beaulieu, Adult nominated by Liza Jackson Preparatory School

Kim can be found making copies, assisting in the front office, assisting with classroom needs, working the school book fair, and doing other traditional volunteer jobs.  What sets her apart from the other volunteers is her countless hours devoted to the school’s performing arts program.

“Kim is an incredible asset to Liza Jackson Preparatory School,” said principal Mary Gunter.  “Her willingness to jump in and assist in any way is truly invaluable.  Her smile and enthusiasm for the school and the students is contagious.”

Beaulieu has devoted countless hours to Liza Jackson’s Thespian Troupe #88770.  Through a fluctuation in faculty over the last few years in the theater department, Kim has not only been able to help keep the drama troupe alive, she has kept it thriving.

“One cannot begin to list everything she has done for our students to help them attend district and state competitions,” said Gunter.  “The students are thriving in their craft, and it all due to the efforts of this special lady.”

Even though theater is not her area of expertise, she blossomed into an amazing director through many hours of research and work with the students. 

“The students truly adore ‘Mrs. B.’  They know she is in their corner,” said Gunter.  “For many of them, she has become a significant part of the personal support system.  Her love, support, and diligence to keep the troupe going for the students are the reason for their success.”

Lawrence Price, Senior nominated by Antioch Elementary School

Lawrence Price is willing to assist Antioch Elementary School’s faculty and staff with absolutely anything requested.  He has served as a member of the PTO by attending scheduled meetings, clipping Box Tops, and working in the PTO sponsored concession stand during the week of field days.  He has also volunteered to sit just outside the front office during that busy week to assist parents with the signing in process, a task that is greatly appreciated by the office staff.

“Mr. Price is a valuable volunteer in our school’s Media Center,” said Principal Kelli Sanders.  “Tasks in this area include checking out library books to students, shelving returned books, and laminating materials for the Media Center, as well as our teachers.

Lawrence is also well known by many of the faculty and staff members for his woodworking skills.  In previous years, he has made wooden door stops for each of our classrooms, and recently, he was asked to cut out wooden holiday lights that will be used to raise funds to benefit area children in crisis.

Understanding that the assistance he is providing allows teachers more time to spend doing what is important – teaching students,  Lawrence is dedicated to the students. 

“It is a pleasure to see Mr. Price on campus and know how important we all are to him,” said Sanders.  “We hope that he understands how very important he is to our school.”

Congratulations to all of the Volunteers of the Year!