Picture of Ruckel student and father during Veteran's Day Celebration.

Ruckel Middle School Holds Veteran's Day Celebration

Ruckel Middle School recently held their annual Veteran’s Day Celebration.  “We had around 100 active military and veterans that attended,” said Principal, Paul Whiddon. “We started the day by feeding all of the military and veterans in the Media Center at 7:00 am.  Then we honored them by having our ‘Freedom Walk’ in which we had a procession led by Chief Chambers and his wife.  During this procession from the Media Center to the gym, our students lined the hallway and ramps and applauded the procession.”

The student pictured above is Ruckel 6th grader Gehrig Gesch.  His father, Major Chris Gesch, had just returned from Afghanistan at 3:00 am and Gehrig did not know he was home until he saw him on the “Freedom Walk.”  

Superintendent of Schools, Mary Beth Jackson read the President’s Proclamation at the assembly and Marcus Chambers introduced his father, the keynote speaker, Chief Chambers.

“Chief Chambers gave a tremendous patriotic speech and we honored the military, veterans, teachers at Ruckel with military affiliation and students with deployed parents,” said Whiddon.  “We also recognized a wreath created by Ruckel students, which was taken by a group of our students on a field trip to Washington, DC last Friday to be placed on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  After the assembly, each class was joined by one or more of the visiting military and veterans so they could share with each class about their service to our country.”

The photos are compliments of the students from Mrs. Brinkerhoff’s Digital Photography class at Ruckel.  Ruckel’s chorus and band performed patriotic songs for the guests and the JS2S Club and Leadership class acted as greeter and escorts for our guests.  NHS Honor Guard and Sabre Team presented the colors at the ceremony.

To see a complete photo gallery of this event, please visit the OCSD Facebook page.