Plew ES Kicks Off Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida! With Annual Read-Aloud Day

Over thirty community and school district leaders came together on Monday, January 13th for Plew Elementary School’s annual Read-Aloud Day and to kick off Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida!

According to the website, “Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida! (CLW)  is an annual event during which students, teachers, administrators, parents and volunteers all celebrate the tremendous success Florida's students have accomplished over the past decade.  We also take the opportunity during the week to encourage our students to keep reading and improving their skills.  We know that if Florida's students are going to shoot for the moon and achieve great success they must have the literacy skills that 21st century careers demand. Florida's educators and students will continue to make strides toward increasing student achievement in literacy, and through experiences like the portable planetarium tour, students will be challenged to read every day because ‘Reading Accelerates Success’.”

Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida! runs January 13-17, 2014!  This year’s theme is "Reading Accelerates Success" and it encourages students to connect literacy with all kinds of careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

This year CLW is also providing a unique experience to students throughout the state that will help to solidify the importance of literacy and its tie to STEM in the minds of children.  For example, educational partners are joining the Just Read, Florida! to bring portable planetariums to elementary and middle schools so that students can sit under the stars and learn how reading relates to science and space technology. Students will talk about constellations and their relationship to mythology, planets, space exploration, and bring it all back to the importance of literacy.

Thank you to Plew Elementary School’s guest readers for taking their time to come and read to our students: 

Kelli Williams, Officer Leavins, Bobbie Nedoroscik, Jamie Coldsnow, Melissa Berry, Robyn Fail, Dolores Lowrey, Duane Brummett, Cindy Tuznik, Dr. Marquardt, Firefighter Nespoli, Mrs. Arpke, Gwen Myers, Stacy O;Gwin, Nancy Grigsby, Guyla Hendricks, Anita Dunn, Marti Gardner, Karen Peek, Mary Brummett, Mary Stark, Pat Synder, Theresa Goss, Officer Thomas, Anita DeVuyst, Mary McElroy, Dawn Sanders, Joan Pickard, School Board Member Melissa Thrush, Marcus Chambers, Amy Dale, Kathy Schumacher, Steve Horton, Robert McEachern, Superintendent Mary Beth Jackson, Billy Mikel, Shawna Crist, and Angela Beebe.

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