Okaloosa S.C.I.E.N.C.E. Initiative Unveils New Logo

Okaloosa S.C.I.E.N.C.E. is a new, STEM-based initiative funded by the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) as part of a three-year, $2.5 million grant to the Okaloosa County School District (OCSD).  This STEM-based initiative (STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) seeks to enhance students' interest and performance in science while preparing them for success in the 21st Century workforce.

To accomplish this, the initiative will enhance the capacity of educators to engage students in STEM education; implement cutting-edge new curricula and tools to broaden classroom education; involve students in exciting hands-on field experiences; and provide opportunities for students to apply what they have learned by participating in service learning activities supporting their local community and environment.

“This stem project represents genuine progress in our school system to partner well beyond the classroom walls,” said Superintendent Mary Beth Jackson.  “With nearly 10,000 of our 30,000 students being connected with the military we feel that this is an opportunity for us to give back to them through this project.”

Okaloosa S.C.I.E.N.C.E. consists of a collaborative partnership between the Okaloosa County School District and nationally and internationally recognized organizations, including the Smithsonian Institution, Encyclopedia of Life Learning + Education group at Harvard University, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center, Officer Snook Water Pollution Program, 7-Dippity, Inc., and Skytruth.

History of the Logo:

The Okaloosa S.C.I.E.N.C.E. logo was created by Hope “Tevis” Godfrey, a student at Niceville High School.  Godfrey attends a digital design class taught by Celeste Ellison.  Ellison’s class was asked if they would be interested in creating the design for the Initiative. 

Regarding this project, Ellison said, "I believe that having the opportunity for students to work one on one with actual clients who are requesting professional design services offers the students a chance to experience the creative processes of a real life graphic designer.  Not only does it challenge the students to solve a problem visually, but it also offers students the chance to learn how to communicate with clients, which is just as important.” 

The students created an impressive assortment of designs, and it was very difficult to choose just one.  In the end, the logo created by Godfrey was chosen as it best represents the integration of community, science and nature, a theme so important to this STEM learning initiative. 

Godfrey summed up her experience in this way, “Not only have I gotten real world experience as a designer, thanks to Ms. Ellison, but I learned about what this program is doing to better our community.”

“What we are trying to do is to involve students in hands-on experiential learning activities so that they feel like they experienced some of the concepts they have learned in the classroom,” said Scott Sevin, 7-Dippity, Inc.  “We are very excited to have a student create the logo for our project.  This is a project for students and to have a logo created by a student really represents one of the major themes of our project which is really a melding of the environment, the community, education, and the military.  We are very appreciative of the student and teacher working with us on this project.”

Pictured above (left to right): Jennifer Davis, Science Coach, Okaloosa S.C.I.E.N.C.E., Lisa Jones, Science Coach, Okaloosa S.C.I.E.N.C.E., Henry Kelly, Program Director for Community Affairs, OCSD, Hope "Tevis" Godfrey, Niceville High School Student, Scott Sevin, Director, Okaloosa S.C.I.E.N.C.E., and Mary Howes, Officer Snook Water Pollution Program Coordinator, Okaloosa S.C.I.E.N.C.E.

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