Okaloosa Schools Science and Math Teachers Exemplify Team OCSD

For the first time ever, Science and Math teachers from every school and every level across the Okaloosa County School District came together at the STEMM Center and the Niceville Training Center this week during Late Start/Early Release day for differentiated and personalized Professional Development.

Since most Late Start/Early Release days up to this point have typically had an ELA/Literacy focus, the Science and Math teachers asked for a separate, personalized, professional development training session. 

The Common Core team led by Marcus Chambers, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Steve Horton, Director of High School Education, Sheila Lightbourne, Director of Middle School Education, Common Core Science TSA Tami Ellis and Common Core Math TSA Stephanie Thetford, delivered on that request on Thursday.

From Chemistry to Calculus, teachers who teach the same subject in Middle School and High School were able to collaborate, plan, and create a year-long focus for how to best implement new standards and strategies in their Science and Math classes.

“The collegiality that comes from middle school teachers and high school teachers from across the county collaborating with each other is one of the most meaningful ways to better impact student achievement,” said Chambers.  “Ultimately, Team OCSD is all about coming together to better improve education. Way to go Science and Math teachers and the rest of Team OCSD!”

To see a complete photo gallery of Thursday training, please visit the OCSD Facebook page.