Okaloosa Public Schools Foundation Names Classroom and Professional Development Mini-Grants Winners

The Okaloosa Public Schools Foundation (OPSF) is proud to announce the winners of the Classroom and Professional Development Mini-Grants for the 2015-2016 school year.  Classroom Mini-Grants address one or more of the STEM initiatives at any grade level and Professional Development Mini-Grants are awarded in any subject area, at any grade level.

Donations from the community have been matched, dollar-for-dollar, by the Consortium of Florida Education Foundations to make this grant opportunity possible. 

“A special thanks to the Foxworthy family for designating Okaloosa Public Schools Foundation to receive Mike Foxworthy Memorial Contributions for teacher mini-grants,” said Henry Kelley, Program Director, Office of Community Affairs and Executive Director, Okaloosa Public Schools Foundation.

This year this Foundation was able to fund sixteen $500 grants to deserving teachers across the county for STEM projects in their classrooms and/or Professional Development.  Members of the OPSF Board of Directors evaluated and scored the projects and are pleased to announce the following recipients:

To learn more about the teacher mini-grants program, click here.

Congratulations to all of the winners:

Classroom/STEM Grants

  • Tammy McKenzie, Crestview HS
  • Shannon Kirby, Crestview HS
  • Sannon DeBerry, Wright ES
  • Scarlett Brock, Ruckel MS
  • Rick Hernandez, Niceville HS
  • Kim Escoffier, Niceville HS
  • Dana Young, Bluewater ES
  • Alison Hunt, Davidson MS
  • Tim Sexton, Davidson MS
  • Hailey Looney, Choctaw HS

Professional Development

  • Shalyce Klimetz, Edwins ES
  • Sandy Day, Eglin ES
  • Kelly Gore, Longwood ES
  • Curt Palermo, Pryor MS
  • Tim Sexton, Davidson MS
  • Kara Bell, Bluewater ES

OPSF provides management of the Take Stock In Children (TSIC) scholarship program, teacher mini-grant program, and the “Write For Success” program (an innovative program designed to help students successfully compete for scholarship funds).  Additionally, they operate the annual “Cram the Van” and “Coats for Kids” in partnership with the United Way.   

“The Foundation is funded through donations, and with your help, we can really grow these programs to serve more teachers and students,” said Kelley.

With your help, the Foundation can raise more money for more teacher grants, TSIC scholarships, and more.  Together we can make the difference in the lives of many children.  Please consider listing the Okaloosa Public Schools Foundation (OPSF) for direct donations through payroll deduction or through the United Way.  Donations may also be made directly to the Okaloosa Public Schools Foundation.

About the Okaloosa Public Schools Foundation (OPSF)

The OPSF is a not-for-profit community-based public schools foundation.  It is a partnership between families, schools, community and business.  The Foundation is dedicated to supporting and extending the educational opportunities of all individuals within Okaloosa County.  Since its establishment in 1995, OPSF has funded educational enrichment programs including teacher grants for unique programs, student scholars in the Take Stock in Children Program, community educational initiatives, and student and teacher recognition awards.

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