Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Makes Donation for School Bus Cameras

Okaloosa County Sheriff, Larry Ashley, presented the Okaloosa County School District with a $40,000 donation during the February 24th School Board meeting in support of putting cameras on district school buses.

“The commitment from the School Board and the superintendent for the safety our kids is beyond anything in my expectations,” said Ashley.  “The parents that I have talked to appreciate it and I certainly do.  It makes our job easier.”

After establishing a memorandum of understanding between the School Board and the Sheriff’s Office to get cameras onto all buses, the Sheriff’s Office was able to make the donation, which came as a  “courtesy of Okaloosa County’s unsuccessful drug dealers.”

This donation will help "safe guard our children and school bus drivers," said Ashley.

“On behalf of my colleagues on the School Board, I would like to thank Sheriff Ashley for his commitment to the safety of our students,” said School Board Member Cindy Frakes.  “We are not there yet as far as the money.  As you remember, the School Board approved $25,000 of my capital appropriations to go towards this, but we still need some more.  It is not going to be done tomorrow.  We will not start doing this until we have the money and we will continue to try to find that money.”

Pictured above are Sheriff Larry Ashley, Superintendent of Schools Mary Beth Jackson, and School Board Member Cindy Frakes.