Okaloosa County School District (OCSD) Announces Continuing Improvement In Test Scores

Okaloosa students and teachers are reaping the rewards of hard work and dedication as students have once again performed extremely well on the statewide FCAT and End of Course Exam assessments.  In fact, of the 5 reported assessments released to date, Okaloosa County ranks 2nd overall in the state of Florida, while improving from the previous year’s rankings in 3 out of 4 of the reported categories.  District rankings in Civics were not available last year. 


Statewide Assessment

2015 District Ranking

2014 District Ranking




US History



5th Grade Science



8th Grade Science







Superintendent Mary Beth Jackson credits the improving scores to the efforts and perseverance on the part of students, teachers, administrators, and parents. Jackson said, “The improvements Okaloosa has seen over the last couple of years is a real testament to what a team can accomplish when they work together on a common goal. I am honored to represent the extraordinary students and teachers that make us an academically top performing District in Florida.” She continued, “While I am so proud of our #2 ranking in the state, I don’t define success by rankings; instead I know that success is measured by our students’ ability to think critically- and our teachers are clearly imparting this crucial skill to Okaloosa County students.”

Jackson shared the mentality that makes Okaloosa educators the best in Florida. She said, “Though we continue to progress and reach new academic heights, our dedicated teachers do not rest on their laurels.  What makes me most proud of everyone is that they challenge themselves to do better and deliver more for Okaloosa’s students.”

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum Marcus Chambers attributes Okaloosa’s success with the diligence of teachers and administrators. He stated, “I am not surprised by the success our students and teachers are seeing. Our teachers showed their commitment to their students in what was arguably the hardest year in education.” Chambers continued, “We are fortunate to have teachers and administrators who spend countless hours to help students find success. Many are already looking ahead to next school year and are attending summer trainings or are focused on completing their School Performance Plans.”

From supportive parents to steadfast educators, these successful EOC and FCAT scores were the result of teamwork. Superintendent Jackson stated, “Okaloosa is truly fortunate to have so many dedicated individuals who are devoted to helping students attain their educational goals.”

The OCSD will continue to release scores as the information is received from the FLDOE.