Music is Glowing This Week at Edwins Elementary School

It is Glow Week at Edwins Elementary School!  Today, Wednesday, October 29th, one of the third grade music lessons used black lights and glowing scarves to help students review the musical terms staccato and legato and to identify the triangle aurally.

“We activated this lesson with scarves,” said Shalyce Klimetz, Music Specialist at Edwins Elementary.  “Using the piece The Syncopated Clock by Leroy Anderson, the students listened and moved the appropriate way.  When we heard the sound of the wood block they showed staccato (short and detached) motions like knocking on a door with the scarves.  When the music changed and was legato (smooth and connected) we gently waved our scarves in the air (in the shape of a figure 8).  In the middle of the song, each time we heard the triangle, we gently tossed our scarf in the air and caught it.  We were also working on form so the students had to listen to which section was coming next so they knew how to move.  At the end we listened for the slide whistle and gave one final toss and catch.”

This is the second time Klimetz says they have done this lesson and the students have loved it both time.

“Of course, when you turn out the lights and turn on black lights to make our scarves glow it makes it even better,” said Klimetz.

The students are also reviewing steady beat with white paper ghosts and orange pumpkins and form with parachutes in Kindergarten, First and Second grade. Third, Fourth and Fifth grades are reviewing form and note values (quarter, half and whole notes) using ribbons, rhythm sticks and tennis balls.

“All of our materials either glow naturally under black light or have been manipulated with paint or tape so they will glow,” said Klimetz.  “We are having a “glowing” good time in music this week!!!!”