Message In a Bottle Brings Edge ES Teachers and Student Together

Edge Elementary School student Dj Hill wrote a message in a bottle three years ago when he was in 1st grade that read, “If you are reading this you are awesome and if you are out in the sea I hope you make it home safe. DJ."

On July 10th, several teachers from Edge Elementary who love to kayak around the bay spotted the floating bottle.

“Being the great people Edge teachers are, they picked up what they thought was trash out of the water,” said Kelly Edelman. Edge Elementary School.  “But then, they noticed there was a message inside.  After sharing it with me, they said they thought they knew who DJ was." 

As it turns out, DJ was indeed a student at Edge Elementary School.

“I contacted his mother who confirmed the message in the bottle was his.  She said he put the bottle in the ocean a few years ago,” said Edelman.  “It seems the letter was written for exactly who found it.  How neat is it that teachers at his own school found it?  Dj will be a 4th grader this coming year and Edge is a better place with him in it.  He was so excited that someone found it.”