Meigs Middle School Cheerleaders Hold Cheer Clinic For CIC Kids

Over the summer, Meigs Middle School team mom, Staci Cardow, proposed the cheerleaders do a community service project which involved hosting a “Cheer Clinic” with the students living at the Children In Crisis (CIC) Neighborhood.  Coach Gabe West loved the idea and gave Cardow the approval to coordinate the project with CIC.

CIC Operations Director, Dr. Judy Manning, was delighted with the idea because it worked well with the mandates for CIC enrichment programs and field trips.  Additionally, the Meigs cheerleaders would receive community service hours for school.

“The day of the event came with little information as what the children could expect,” said Cardow.  “However, things really got going in no time!  The boys thought they would sit and watch the girls participate in the event, but that was far from reality.”

The cheerleaders, grade 6-8, kicked off the four hour program with their spirit dance.  The girls were then divided into three age groups, while all the boys were tasked with learning a stunt.  After the four groups learned a few 8-counts, they put it all together to music.  The last hour was spent with skits, chants, and activities, such as ships and sailors. 

“All the children got a chance to tell what they had learned and the cheerleaders reflected on how fortunate they are and how they loved the opportunity to share their love of cheer with the children living at CIC,” said Cardow.

7th grader, Carli Cardow commented, “I loved participating in this clinic.  I felt a special bond with one of the girls in my group.  I asked my Mom if we could adopt her because I would really like to have her as my sister!”

Dr. Manning stated, “Our 11 year old shared that his favorite part was the ‘man tower’ where his legs were being crushed but it was still really cool.  Our 6 year old young man said that during the ‘man tower’ he got to flex his muscles (and then showed us so we could be impressed).  The girls’ favorite parts were when they flew up in the air.  Our nine-year-old said she felt like she was flying and ALL of the girls thought that was very cool! Thanks again to the cheerleaders at Meigs for giving our kids the chance to literally and figuratively soar!”

To see a photo gallery from this event, please visit the OCSD Facebook page(The faces of the CIC children are not shown on purpose to protect their identities.)