Picture of Whole Foods and Longwood ES staff near school garden.

Longwood ES Receives Whole Foods Grant for Sustainable Garden

Longwood Elementary School recently received a grant offered by Whole Foods for $2,000.00 to expand their existing school garden.  “Longwood has had a garden for a number of years which has transformed over time into different focus points,” said Assistant Principal, Angela Beebe.  “Over the last three years, an emphasis has been placed on a sustainable garden where students can learn life and the nature of science through the plant cycle and the ecosystems that support it.”

The food from the garden will be harvested and then students will have the opportunity to try new fruits, herbs, and vegetables using our kitchen lab equipment.  “Our hope is to expand student knowledge of healthy foods and send them home with recipes to share with their families,” continued Beebe. 

Jessica Foy, Whole Foods Marketing Field Associate, along with six additional employees from Destin Whole Foods, came to Longwood in mid-April to work with the third through fifth grade students in the garden planting seeds.  PreKD through second grade also had a planting day before Spring Break. 

“The students also planted seeds in cups and took them home,” said Beebe.  “Whole Foods has partnered with Longwood Elementary School to help our students learn the importance of sustaining a garden and how it impacts the world around us.  Our future plans for the garden is to create a self-sustaining plant ecosystem using fish and introduce a greenhouse/butterfly garden area for students to release their butterflies when they hatch.


Photographs courtesy of Alissa Aryn.