Picture of seven of Longwood's Summer Readers with their certificates.

Longwood Elementary School Celebrates Summer Readers

Longwood Elementary School celebrated their Leopard Summer Readers on Friday, August 19th with an ice cream party.  Students who completed either their reading journals or math summer activity sheets were invited to participate in the celebration. 

“Before school released last June, every student received three books on their reading level and a journal to record their adventures in reading,” said Assistant Principal Angela Beebe.  “The books were part of the summer read program.  Students also received math activities to keep their math wizard skills sharp and trained for the new school year.  These activities were on grade level and aligned to concepts covered over the school year.” 

The Leopards who returned their completed journals and/or math sheets were invited to have either an ice cream float or a sundae with the principal. 

“We are very proud of our students and their dedication to become better readers and math wizards!” said Beebe.