Picture of Longwood ES Principal and student at Publix

Longwood Elementary School Holds Annual Math Night at Publix

Longwood Elementary School held their annual Math Night in late October.  One new twist to the evening was instead of being at the school they were at the Publix Supermarket on Eglin Parkway. 

“We had a terrific turnout of 175 in attendance,” said Assistant Principal, Angela Beebe.  The Longwood students were able to do scavenger hunts throughout the store.  Each scavenger hunt was designed for the specific grade level of the student.  Teachers were spread throughout the store to assist families on their hunt. 

While at Publix students received a free cookie and were able to vote on ‘The Great Mathematician Pumpkin.’  Each class decorated a pumpkin as a famous mathematician and submitted their pumpkin for a prize.  The pumpkins were donated by the Longwood PTO. 

“Longwood Leopards also want to give a big thank you to Publix for letting us borrow the store to give students real life math problems and problem solving solutions,” said Beebe.

To see a photo gallery of this event, please visit the OCSD Facebook page.