Kids Tag Art Contest Sponsored by the Okaloosa County Tax Collector, Helps Elementary School Art Departments

The Okaloosa County Tax Collector, in partnership with the Okaloosa County School District, recently announced the results of the Kids Tag Art Contest.  The winners (listed below) were recognized at the March 10 School Board meeting. 

“The Kids Tag Art program, where 5th graders get to design and create their own specialty plate, garnered $5,536.00 for participating elementary schools!” said Tax Collector Ben Anderson.  “We were truly amazed at how well this program was received and just how successful it was for the participating schools.  The Kids Tag Art program is not just a fundraiser, it is something where teachers can inspire their art students to learn about and design their own specialty plate art and in the process, raise supplemental monies for classroom art supplies.  It is also an one-of-a-kind art contest and recognition program where two 5th grade students from each participating school are selected as Award of Distinction Winners.”

“We were delighted to partner with Superintendent Mary Beth Jackson in offering this fundraising opportunity to the elementary schools,” said Anderson.  “It is a creative method to help these schools earn much needed money to support their art programs.  We look forward to watching this initiative grow as more schools participate.”


Madeleine Bouchard, Shalimar Elementary


Bluewater Elementary: Jasmyn Garvey

Bluewater Elementary: Avery Morrison
Bob Sikes Elementary: Kianna Riley

Bob Sikes Elementary: Emma Newell
Edge Elementary: Melaina Bryant

Edge Elementary: Erin Gonyea
Florosa Elementary: Kaetlyn Truax

Florosa Elementary: Jocelyn Hill
Elliott Point Elementary: Brandt Shackelford

Elliott Point Elementary: India Shackelford
Kenwood Elementary: Car’Mora Mack

Kenwood Elementary: Dylan Dedmon
Liza Jackson Preparatory: Saren Williams

Liza Jackson Preparatory: Mia DeRosa

Longwood Elementary: Devin Fritz

Longwood Elementary: Wayne Friery
Northwood Elementary: Emily Mangers

Northwood Elementary: Anastasia Brewer
Shalimar Elementary: John Kaleb Harrelson

Shalimar Elementary: Elsa Hallman
"We have some truly gifted, young artists in Okaloosa County and I had the honor of recognizing one of the Award winners as the Tax Collector’s Choice Award,” continued Anderson.  “Congratulations to all the winners!”

The winning tags are available for sale to the public via: All proceeds from web sales will go into the Okaloosa Public Education Trust Fund and will be equally divided between participating schools.