Picture of the 2017 Kids Tag Art Contest winners at School Board meeting.

Students Recognized for Specialty Car Tag Designs

The Okaloosa County Tax Collector, in partnership with the Okaloosa County School District, recognized the winners of the annual Kids Tag Art Contest at the March 24, 2017 School Board meeting. 

The Kids Tag Art program is a partnership between the Tax Collector’s Office and the School District and has garnered close to $31,000 for participating schools since it began four years ago. As an art project, this program gives 5th grade students a chance to create their own specialty license plate. As a fundraiser, those student created plates can be purchased by parents and the public, and the proceeds from all school sales stay in that school.

Ben Anderson says, “With Tag Art sales and sponsorships, the Kids Tag Art program this year collected $11,073.65 for participating elementary schools. This is non-tax generated revenue and comes at a time when money for art curriculum is hard to find.” He continues, “We were delighted to partner with Superintendent Mary Beth Jackson in offering this fundraising opportunity to the elementary schools. We were also very fortunate to have the support of our sponsors as well and would like to thank Florida Heart Research Institute, Fudpuckers, GCOP and Corporate Benefits.”

New this year, students could pick the “Heart Smart Art” theme from which the Florida Heart Research Institute chose 3 art pieces that represented having a “health heart.” Winners are Zipporah Oswald, Alexis Felker and Ava Pierce.  The Tax Collector’s Choice award is from Bluewater Elementary 5th grader, Lauren Amans.  Anderson and Amans are pictured (below) placing her winning tag on his vehicle. Anderson said he will have her tag on his vehicle until another winner is announced next year.

Picture of Tax Collector, Ben Anderson, with Tax Collector's Choice Award tagPicture of KTA Tax Collector Choice Winner Lauren AmansCongratulations to this year’s School winners:

  • Antioch Elementary School – Jazlyn Polanco and Gabrielle McGrift
  • Bluewater Elementary School – Rylan Sorensen and Bella Pretz
  • Bob Sikes Elementary School – Christina Baltimore and Ethan Myers
  • Edge Elementary School – Arianna Dali and Keller Nelson
  • Elliott Point Elementary School – Elijah Oswald and Evelyn Schultz
  • Florosa Elementary School – Kamryn Neely
  • Kenwood Elementary School – Adriana Lampon and Casey Oglesby
  • Liza Jackson Preparatory School – Jasmin Aare and Rachel McQuaid
  • Northwood Elementary School – Justin West and Peyton Johnson
  • Riverside Elementary School – Desirae Esmond and Mackenzie Askew
  • Shalimar Elementary School – Alizabeth Hill and Jacob Shepard
  • Walker Elementary School – Aleigh Jernigan and Hana Caruso

Heart Smart Art Winners:

  • Zipporah Oswald (Elliott Point Elementary School),
  • Alexis Felker (Liza Jackson Preparatory School)
  • Ava Pierce (Shalimar Elementary School)

To view the Kids Art Tags, please visit the Okaloosa Tax Collectors website.