Kenwood ES Fundraiser Helps Save the Children

This year Kenwood students partnered with Great American Opportunities for their Fall Fundraiser.  Great American Opportunities also partners with ‘Save the Children’ by providing aid to children in impoverished countries.

“We are proud to say that in addition to raising funds to defray the cost of student field trips, based on our sales, Great American donated 66 chickens to the 'Save the Children' organization in Kenwood's name,” said Gena Cole, the PTO President.  “These chicks will be given to impoverished families and will grow into hens that will produce eggs for consumption and sale for income thus providing food for these families.”

“I am very proud of our student’s participation and thankful to PTO for facilitating this fundraiser,” said Angie Vaughan, Principal of Kenwood Elementary.

Thanks to all who participated in this fundraiser to help "Save the Children!"