Important Message For Parents About the "After School" App

This is an important announcement for parents of students in Okaloosa County schools:

Hello, this is Mary Beth Jackson, Superintendent of Schools.  I want to reach out to you today as both Superintendent and as a parent to share with you my concerns about a highly offensive social media "app" called “After School” that is targeted at middle and high school students.  The app is marketed as an anonymous and private message board for your school.   

I want to emphasize that this app is in no way affiliated or endorsed by the school district and does not exist on our network. 

In some cases, students have used this app to make hurtful, profane comments and in other cases display graphic and sexually explicit videos.  Because the app allows for anonymous postings and occurs completely outside the school district’s network, there is little we can do to track down information from a technology standpoint when a student is being targeted.  Rest assured, however, your child's school will work with our Student Services department and local law enforcement officials when warranted to investigate any issues of cyberbullying that are uncovered.

This app has caused so much difficulty, in so little time, that I want to reach out to our students, staff, families, and the community to ask everyone to help monitor this app and to eliminate its use.

Thank you,

Mary Beth Jackson, Superintendent of Okaloosa County Schools