Haley McBride Serves as Pryor MS Principal for the Day

Haley McBride, a sixth grade student at Pryor Middle School, recently won the chance to be the Principal for the Day.  As part of a school sponsored PTO fundraiser, Haley bought 40 tickets in hopes of winning.  When her name was announced in class last week, all of her classmates clapped in support of her.

It was not long, however, after the announcement that her friends started asking her for favors.  Two friends wanted to join her in the office, one as an Assistant Principal and the other as the School Secretary.  Another friend suggested that she proclaim Friday, October 17, 2014 as “Pajama Day.”

Grant Meyer, Pryor’s actual principal, introduced Haley to the student body during a school pep rally and shared with everyone Haley’s proclamation for pajama day.

On October 17th, Haley got to stand with Principal Meyer in the locker hall and office while shadowing him throughout the day and the student’s got to wear pajamas to school.

“I wanted to be Principal because it sounded like it would be a lot of fun,” Haley said.  “I wanted to see what the real principal had to do.”

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